White papers are wonderful communication tools. They aim to educate, not to sell. They are designed to be readable, not to patronise. The best white papers have the credibility to percolate to the top of an organisation, but are accessible enough to inspire anyone to take action. While the rest of the world chooses deception, self-promotion and snake-oil spin, choose instead a refreshing blast of honest rationality.

Take a look at these samples:

Hiring Ben

An effective paper is the product of continuous collaboration between the writer and the client. This isn't a product you can order.

Ben has developed a process which guarantees that the result will be as effective as possible.

Appropriately enough, you can read a paper which describes this process in detail and examines the benefits of a good white paper. Click here to download the paper, then get in touch if you'd like to discuss how a white paper can help your business.