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Stuff which gets in the way

Information overload, gadgets and distractions can get in the way of meaningful work. And the ever-increasing need for security adds further complication. We can fix this by taking the time to understand the way you think, the way you work, and tweaking the way you use your tools to maximise your productivity. Ben offers effective one-to-one training and group sessions where he'll show you simple techniques that'll make life much easier, and boost your security at the same time.


Ben is an effective trainer and mentor who specialises in training senior professionals. He has developed a profound understanding of the way people work with information and as the author of The Productivity Habits, is accustomed to the different ways the people think when they work. He spent over 7 years working at Apple consulting for business clients, and specialised in helping non-technical people become more comfortable with their tools.

Ben is also an expert in information security and can help you secure your data, defend your privacy, and meet strict regulatory requirements while boosting your productivity.

Common Topics

  • Personal productivity and collaboration using technology
  • Secure personal workflow design
  • iPhone and iPad training
  • Mac training
  • Microsoft Office training
  • Microsoft Surface training