Habit 1: Capture

Identify how ideas can strike and how to deal with them.

Habit 2: Processing

Make decisions about the ideas you want to turn into tasks.

Habit 3: The Right Tools

Analyse the information tools you use and match the right tool to the job.

Habit 4: Situation

Understand how the different situations in your life influence the kind of work you can do.

Habit 5: Working Memory

Find the optimal size of tasks for the way you think, so you don't have to process too much, or too little information.

Habit 6: The Importance Tree

Explore the relationship between your tasks and projects, and the bigger objectives which drive them. Also, the importance of distinguishing between relevance, urgency, and importance.

Habit 7: Archiving

Build an info dump, to store a library of information you can refer to later.

Habit 8: Review and Completion

Shift focus from daily tasks to bigger objectives, and take control of your channels of information.

The Productivity Habits


My life was a mess until I decided to deal with the limitations of my mind. I read a lot of books about becoming more effective and I agreed with every word. But nothing changed. It was only when I learned about the way humans build habits that I could finally transform great ideas into a lifestyle.

Automating good decisions

If you have to think before you decide to do the right thing, you won't be consistent. Conscious decisions are often the enemy of consistency. However, your brain has a mechanism which automates behaviours. That cookie you inhale at lunch, your reflexive checking of social media, or bringing emails to bed. All of these are habits. What happens if we co-opt this mechanism to introduce better behaviours?

The book

The Productivity Habits condenses years of research in creativity, psychology, and linguistics, into an easy-to-read and approachable book. Relying heavily on diagrams and disciplined prose it will guide you to develop smart habits, each layered atop the last.

The result: less stress, smarter decisions, and the elimination of information overload.



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