Fear and Blood Pressure

It's easy to feel nervous about confronting personal effectiveness and efficiency, especially when amongst peers.

Experienced professionals sometimes wear their out-of-control inboxes with weary pride, like a badge, as though they are signalling that they are more in-demand. Long hours, high blood pressure, and missed commitments. They might indicate that you are reassuringly busy, but you already know that's a bad way to work and a bad way to live.

Here's what won't help: A lecture to tell you what you already know. Generic solutions. Unrealistic faux-inspiration from someone who likes to think they have conquered every obstacle.

It's better to have to have an honest conversation with someone who continues to battle through these issues. A winning battle, but not yet a won battle.

About Ben

Ben is an experienced public speaker who specialises in conversational presentations, seminars and workshops. Since publishing The Productivity Habits, there has been considerable demand for him to speak with clients who struggle with personal productivity and creativity.

He talks in a relatable way about his own experiences, his failures, and how he developed his methods. He creates an atmosphere where people can be honest about the way they work and what they'd like to achieve.

Most importantly, he ensures that everyone leaves the session with one habit to adopt or change, with advice on how to do it.

  • Dealing with information overload
  • Effectiveness and mental health
  • The fine art of saying "no"
  • Situational awareness
  • Remote working
  • Privacy and security

These issues are deeply relevant to any business which depends on a healthy relationship with information. The sessions make a real difference. Ben's fees are set accordingly. He offers time to certain charitable causes on a pro-bono basis. Get in touch for more information.