• "One line in The Productivity Habits stands out persuasively for me. This book will 'set you up for the act of doing whatever it is you want to do.'" - Clayton Glen, co-founder of ImaginativeHR

In "The Productivity Habits" Ben Elijah describes how to make smart decisions about tasks, events and commitments that might otherwise overload you. Whether you're a busy professional struggling with email, or a student needing to plan a major project, you can become more efficient by capturing every idea, and reviewing it when it becomes useful. Then, plan your work around your daily situations and your goals to become more effective. 

The book is divided into eight habits which are designed around the way your brain learns new behaviours. Presented with clear explanations and engaging diagrams, The Productivity Habits could transform the way you work.



"Like most people, I am information rich and time poor. I have discovered a book by a man who understands the way my mind organizes information. This book takes the way we really think and then combines this with a practical approach to building better information habits. Put simply, this book brings together a magic combination of mental, organisational and practical techniques." - Jim Odell, Partner, Kemp Little Consulting

"I urge every time pressed working woman or full time mum who feels there is simply not enough brain space or hours in the day to accomplish life's endless tasks, to read this book... Busy women with hectic lives everywhere will be thanking Ben for writing this book." - Corinne Stuart, Director, Corinne Consultancy Ltd

Discover the tools Ben uses to implement The Productivity Habits in his life.

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